Trump opens Jerusalem Embassy

Wow what a busy week.  Earlier China bans sale of online bibles and tears down a church that uses an idol image of the cross.

North Korea decides to close its basically defunct nuclear test site and pursue peace with Trump.  Yet they still have their developed nuclear capabilities.
Now today, Trump opens up an embassy in south Jerusalem, marking it as their capitol city.  This fits scripture well.  But they certainly are not a people living without walls.  Nor do their Israeli courts follow the 613 laws of the Torah (The Messiah fufilled some of them).
It’s hard to say if they are even the real hebrews there and not Khazars.
Still at some point Ahayah and Yasha will sort that all out.
The “EL” in Israel is pagan, it should be Yasharahla with the Messiah’s name.  El was known as the supreme God of the Canaanites.  Still the Jews who say they are jews and are possibly not will at some point rebuild the Temple of Solomon for the AntiChrist, whom they feel will be their messiah.  A strong funnel shaped wind destroyed the shed in my back yard with a “hand”, so I vowed to the Father and Son I would do my best to prevent the rebuilding of the Temple of Solomon.
At some point, Yasharahla will be much bigger then it is today when the Father and Son call back all the true Hebrews.
Trump is trying to do a good job and I think that Jerusalem would be better for Israel as their capitol, then Palestine.  With the cancelled flawed nuclear peace agreement with Iran, its hard to say how things will go.
I have been busy getting the second edition of the Yasha Ahayah Bible Scriptures Aleph Tav released.  The new scriptures should be released on Amazon soon.
I’m glad Trump was elected and even bought some “Make America Great Again” hats from China that I wear.  The USA and Canada still has legalized Gay rights, which goes against the Law Noah was given after the flood.  Obama put that in with their liberal judges and I am glad he and Hillary are gone.
I’m also getting quotes on a softcover or hardcover print run of the YABS, mostly from China.  It will take me a year of saving, maybe more, but at some point I would like to get a cheaper cost point for selling the scriptures so that I can get the word out.  California is looking at a bible ban and we know times are getting tougher, if believers don’t battle evil.

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