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After all that investment, something new comes along!

Here I have been investing in lifetime hosting packages, SSL, CDN, various mobile making page builders and components.  Then a deal comes along and offers a new kind of funnel, page builder and free web hosting all for life!

I have been having problems building a site that will load on a mobile phone.  I just figured out how to make it, then a whole “new deal” comes along and changes the whole equation.
It cost me $685CAD to get the first deal, but I hope that Ahayah and Yasha will be pleased with the more corporate quality of website and funnel I will be able to build.
Once you buy that, you have another month to pay another $685
With even more features and upgrades.  So I’m going to save up and buy that program too (if possible).  With that I hopefully will have the basic tools needed to spread the word!
There are so many people deceived in this world, someone needs to wake them up!

30% of Americans Need Second Job Just To Pay Their Bills! Economic Slowdown


June 12, 2019
Looks like it is more then just Millenials that are behind.
Staying out of debt is getting harder and harder to do.

Since 1996, the average net worth of consumers under 35 has dropped by 35%


With house prices rocketing up, most millennial have been stuck renting and throwing their money away, month after month.  High rents means hardly anything left over at the end of the month.  Also they have lived in the low interest rates, spending on credit cards generation.
There just is not many ways to build real wealth.  Unless you move out of a big city, settle for less and buy a cheap house in a smaller place.

Well my first MobiFirst site page has been made!

Speed is a smidge faster, but my web page has less features.  Pages will be useful for a mail out when I’m ending my $5 PDF deal.  I like the application, just don’t think I will use it for my main website just yet.

I notice my main website has a broken newsletter subscription form.  I tried fixing it, but Rapidweaver is rejecting the changes.  I still have the rest of the pages to slowly port over to Foundation (cough).  I don’t like rebuilding what I already have programmed before, but there seems to be no other way.
I guess Foundation using Zurb still builds a relatively fast webpage and with rapid weavers other components, it means a more robust site.

Google complains about mobile sites and keeps ranking them lower.

I have been having problems making my website so that Google will rank it well.  Page load speeds while improved are still slow and mobile has been a challenge.  I have been praying to Ahayah and Yasha to help me with this.  Joe Workman of rapidweaver was starting to offer components on sale on weavers.space, but again I’m not that happy with the ease of use of Foundation, a mobile friendly platform because it is more desktop centred.  My top navigation bar would not port over to a new page, it was difficult to use and even using CDN content delivery network, I was having problems in that it would not load properly.  Since my goal is to spead the word around the world, I need to make it “mobile first”, fast, informative and friendly.  Some pages take 15 seconds to load and Google has been moving my site down in the rankings because of it.  Google wants sites to load in 3 seconds!!!

That is where yesterday my prayers were answered!  Mobifirst offers a mobile first approach to building a website.  Its a completely new platform and I am going to give them a try.
I’m going to try and port over my webpages into it to see if I can get a performance improvement.

World’s First Raspberry-Picking Robot Completes Field Tasks


Fri, 06/07/2019
Now that robots can pick raspberries, it means the end of manual labour.
Many jobs will be out of work.  With this debt based economy it will be even harder for the lower rung worker to stay out of debt.

Found a way to speed up websites

Bought an appsumo deal to get CDN using ShortPixel rather then the free site I mentioned earlier.  Here is the site to pickup the LIFETIME deal;


I don’t want to violate any terms and conditions and while https://imgur.com/ worked for CDN, I didnt want to find my site smacked down for images and having to redo all that work.

Ahayah provided for me a lifetime deal to get CDN for my image hosting up and running at a fraction of what Cloudflare would have cost me at $20 a month.

It appears I have the CDN properly loaded as I tested the link in this post and the image was using CDN.  I just don’t know if I have my account API properly configured.  As the free credits might run out.  I’m kind of green on wordpress and shortpixel.

I have now moved my wordpress site to ahhayah.com/wp and the CDN is working.

I will be first adding the images from my website into there so that I Can use the CDN (Content Delivery Network) so that my webpages will load fast all over the world.

Mobile shopping harder to work with then I thought.

I had a newsletter subscription that floated on the top.  What I didn’t realize is that shopping on a phone would not place the “buy it now” properly centered on the screen.  It would work fine on my desktop, but would not work with a phone.  People could not easily buy the SALE!  So today I have downgraded the landing page to put a static newsletter subscription, so that people can easily buy a PDF of the Yasha Ahayah Bible Scriptures for $5, entry level fee.

Finished adding a list of the 613 Torah laws!

I have finished adding a list of the 613 Torah laws, with 297 laws that apply today and have added them to the Yasha Ahayah Scriptures, which will soon be released in a new second edition.  Its been a lot of work but well worth it.

Discovered how to speed up my websites even more!

I was looking into Cloudflare CDN subscriptions to help speed up my websites, only problem is they are cost prohibitive.  Listed prices range from a fixed fee of $20 (Pro) to $200 (Business) per month!  Today I figured out how to warehouse images in Rapidweaver (https://www.weavers.space/stacks/warehouse-image) and I found a free source that stores images in the cloud (imgur.com).  I tried out different methods, but finally found one that works!  So, in order to speed up my site around the world for people browsing on their phones I will have to rebuild the sites again by hand, but it will be well worth it.  When done, the webpages will load fast all over the world!  The images are already compressed with ImageOptim and ImageAlpha.

Ahayah, Yasha and the Ruach have really been guiding me on this journey, learning all the needed components to help build a faster loading website.
Early this morning I finished Yahuah.ca in https:// so it is now secure and youtube videos finally load.  3 sales came in on my website this week, so the learning curve on making a secure site has really been paying off.

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