Come out of Her my people!

Pa. Catholic Church sex abuse report names hundreds of priests, accuses leaders of cover-up: ‘They hid it all.’
Updated: AUGUST 14, 2018 — 5:29 PM EDT
The Catholic Church also worships many other false idols, which the Messiah and Father warned us to avoid.  Exodus 23:13, 1 John 5:21
The Vatican attended the Bilderburg meeting and one of the topics they discussed was censorship.  Well, now that many conservative radio stations have been blocked on youtube, facebook and others.  We can see that they want to keep this news in the dark.

Pennsylvania, USA Town Bans Bible Studies in Family’s Home, Threatens $500 Fines

Thursday, July 19, 2018
Here is another reason why I need to get the word out there, before its too late.  Just like China this year banned the sale of Bibles online.
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JULY 24, 2018
“By 2050, out of a United States total population of 1.1 billion, 775 million, or 73 per cent, would be post 1995 immigrants or their descendants,” adds the report.
This plan by the UN is to change the USA and Canada forever.  73% of the population is a changing of the countries completely!  I hope the USA under Trump continues to starve the UN of funds needed for them to complete their plans.  They are trying to destroy people whom believe in the Holy Scriptures.  I need to do my best to get the Yasha Ahayah Bible Scriptures Aleph Tav out there.

Venezuela losing its refining ability

US federal judge orders seizure of Venezuela’s Citgo

Things are going to get worse in Venezuela as they lose their ability to extract heavy oil and refine it.  No more US dollars coming in, with their Citgo gas stations being seized.  Communism does not work well, for paying your bills.  Hopefully 2019 will spell the end of Canada Liberal Trudeau.

Youtube censoring anti Climate Change information

YouTube will now place Wikipedia entries about global warming below videos ‘refuting evidence of rising temperatures’
YouTube will add snippets of factual information on select video clips
It will target controversial topics, such as anti-vaccination and climate change
YouTube hopes it will reduce misinformation and conspiracy theories on the site
Only US viewers can see the feature for now, but YouTube plans to roll-out the feature worldwide at a later date
PUBLISHED: 06:52 EDT, 9 August 2018 | UPDATED: 08:15 EDT, 9 August 2018
First they censored Alex Jones, now others.  Now they are rolling out the Nazi Climate Police.  They are acting fast!  Hopefully people will not fall for their one sided fact checkers.
YouTube is subtly taking on climate change deniers by providing a fact-checking box below some videos that reject climate change. This is the next step from the Google-owned video platform in its war on misinformation and conspiracy theories (pictured).
Even Trump talks about the “Fake News” media.  Now Youtube is showing its true colours.  This world carbon 666 tax is for creating a world government run by Satan.

800,000 expats leave Saudi Arabia

2018-07-10 10:03
I wanted to post this news before as it is such a high number of foreign employees to get rid of.  Something is happening in Saudi Arabia with the new Prince.  It’s going to take time for those menial jobs to get filled with working Saudi’s.  They are not used to the work, so it will come as a shock.
All those foreign workers, who worked in Saudi will no longer be sending money back home, to family in poorer countries.
Canada is being banned by Saudi Arabia because Trudea government criticized the Saudi’s about women rights.  The Saudi’s just allowed women to drive there, so I don’t blame them for selling off their Canadian assets.  The pipeline sending oil east to Ontario and Quebec was cancelled.  It seems that Saudi will still allow Canada to buy oil.
So money from the East of Canada will still flow out of the country, while Saudi Arabia cancels its contracts and money invested here.  I’m glad I have a job in a fairly stable business.

Monsanto / Bayer fined $290 million for causing Cancer

Monsanto loses court case and has to pay $290 million.

I’m against the geneitic modification of plants, animals and humans.  I’m against using roundup in my yard because I know it causes cancer.  I have weeds, but I don’t care at least my land is clean and dandelions are full of vitamin C.  I wish they had a more natural way to grow crops without glyphosate.  Years ago, I found out that Monsanto means Mon-Satan, now Bayer, the germans own it.

Things are changing rapidly.  This will lead to more lawsuits, for people with their cancers.
GMO Sugar Beets and other GMO crops, have been sprayed with multiple times the normal amount of roundup.  Its simply destroying the land and making a toxic environment.
Glyphosate Annual Pesticide Use Maps 1992 – 2011 Animated
Its 2018 now, its even worse.  The land could collapse for production spraying these chemicals.  
Well Liberal California is the first to get its hand in the money pie and they need the money there to support socialism with more court cases to follow.  I hope that Bayer/Monsanto goes bankrupt, but I doubt they will.

Socialist California turning into a tent city

Homeless People in Anaheim, California or Third World Country?

I watched another video of San Diego where they hand out free drugs and needles, with people deficate on the streets.  In San Diego they literally have a Poop map, for people to avoid infected areas.  No port a potties, nothing.
This is what the NWO wanted to do to all the USA and Canada!  A swarm of immigration and drugs to depopulate the people and bankrupt the system.

SHITHOLE ALERT: Liberal San Francisco Full of Poop and Needles

Satan likes to destroy peoples lives.  It says in the scriptures 
Junkies Take Over Corridors Of San Francisco Civic Center BART Station
2 Thessalonians 3:10 For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat.
Instead this new form of globalism liberalism feels that they should have the best of everything for free, until the system crashes and is bankrupted.  Then the swarm moves onto the next zone which has wealth.  Meanwhile, those on the bottom die off from disease and drug addictions.  San Diego is literally handing out opium to the masses.  Obama and his war in Afghanistan brought the supply back in, keeping the border of Mexico open.
The end times world government is showing itself and would have happened sooner, if Hillary got voted in.  They are burning California down, with fires wiping out the area.  Most of California is on fire from all the aluminum oxide the globalists have been spraying in the jet fuel
EXPLOSIVE CALIFORNIA FIRES: Exacerbated by Accelerants in Chemtrails, Tons of Aluminum Oxide (Video). Chemtrails Must Stop!
Website is down, just like Alex Jones was censored and banned.
Here is another site;
EXPLOSIVE CALIFORNIA FIRES: Exacerbated by Accelerants in Chemtrails, Tons of Aluminum Oxide (Video)
Posted on August 1, 2018 by State of the Nation
California Fires: Terracotta Roof Anomaly: Microwave Assisted Combustion Synthesis
Evidence of Military Grade EMF Accelerants Used in Sonoma Napa FIRES
Car upside down blocking the street!
California Fire Walkthrough Multiple Anomalies
Rothschilds Plan to Burn up Northern California Disclosed
Billionaire gives up campaign to split California in 3
China owns a lot of California, now its crumbling and being destroyed.
Liberal Celeb Who Demanded We House Refugees Gets Perfect Karma After Taking In Migrants

USA creating Space force

URGENT 🔴 VP Mike Pence EXPLOSIVE Speech on SPACE FORCE Set Up – Pentagon August 9, 2018

While the USA has been creating military satellites and other equipment for years, today they are disclosing that they are building a space force.
While I am for Trump, eventually this power that is being setup will be used by evil, from another President or world government.
I need to get the Aleph and Tav’s added to the rest of the Tanach.  As well as make an Apocrypha with the Holy names of the Father and Son, also add the book of Enoch, Jasher etc.  Time is of the essence.
In the meantime, the first edition of the Yasha Ahayah Bible Scriptures has gone on Sale on Amazon for $12.37  List Price: $69.95  Save: $57.58 (82%)
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YouTube, Facebook, and Apple’s ban on Alex Jones

Conservative voices are being banned on the internet. The Alex Jones show supported Trump and was also the one who broke Bilderburg meetings and many other things.  This is a bad move for free speech!
I’m afraid if this continues to spread, the banning of the Holy Scriptures will be next.

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