Progress on Chinese Yasha Ahayah Scriptures

Today I found the name of Ahayah אהיה in Chinese 我会的 Wǒ huì de means “I will” in English, not perfect. Exodus 3:14 has “I am THE BEING” in the Septuagint (Brenton).

存在 Cúnzài means “being”.  该 Gāi means “the”

So 我会的 Wǒ huì de 该 Gāi 存在 Cúnzài means “I will the being”, which is as close as I can find.

I also found a Protestant Bible in Chinese
I also found out in history that Chinese oldest history has Ahayah or Shang Di 上帝  – Shaddai ?
Catholics officially use the term Tianzhu (Chinese: 天主, Tiānzhǔ), lit. “The Lord of Heaven”, while Evangelicals typically utilize Shangdi (上帝) and/or Shen (神, “The God”).  Protestants used Shangdi (上帝) and/or Shen (神, “The God”), but I know that God is pagan for the Babylonian God of good luck and fortune.  Lord actually means Baal the Pagan God.
Tian 天
the Heavenly Ruler (皇天上帝 Huángtiān Shàngdì)
Amazing youtube video showing how China’s oldest history has the Holy Scriptures in it.
God in Ancient China
Yasha, the saviour יאשה is 夜叉 Yèchā
Torah תורה is 托拉

Amazing progress!

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