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Learned how to add an email newsletter subscription form

I have struggled making an email newsletter subscription in Rapidweaver.  I tried a stack that didn’t work, then I bought Post Office by weavers.space and still I could not get it to work.  Frustrated, I went with a widget, by getsitecontrol.com and the free one only works for one site.  I like the way it scrolls with the page, so I will keep using it on Ahhayah.com.  Since I want to minimize monthly costs, I ended up contacting my web host and text chatting with them on why the Post Office Stack would not work. Well they found the problem and helped me get it working.  I now can add an email newsletter subscription on all my websites at the bottom of the page.

I needed a way to have people “unsubscribing” from my newsletter I plan to mail out and post office by Joe Workman is the only tool that I can find to do that.
At some point, I may make an online assembly or “church” and an email subscription would be useful to contact people to “join in” on the scripture reading.
But for now I need to finish adding the Aleph Tav’s to the scriptures and start advertising a little more, to spread the WORD!

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