Cryptocurrency Blockchain “Mark of the Beast”

Time 15:11/31:35 what’ll happen is there will be come a day where the crypto dollar is announced where the US Federal Reserve now has everything on their own centralized blockchain not decentralized and that means that all your transactions will be able to travel and be tracked and controlled by the government wherever you go on the planet and they will be able to freeze you out of the financial system if they want they’ll be able to turn you off as a person and so this really is a battle for freedom or enslavement.

Mike Maloney on The Coming Collapse And Preparing With Gold, Silver And Crypto
We all know that in end times one will not be able to “Buy and Sell” without the Mark of the Beast 666 = χξϛ or ☭ or 616=ΧΙϚ´
“Blockchain” itself by definition is BLOCK=SATURN/SATURNALIA and CHAIN=BONDAGE
The Saturn Agenda EXPOSED! (Illuminati Occult Worship)
EL SATURN ✡ Occult ✡ Cube,Star God Rhamiphan,Remphan
Silver and Gold is the Fathers money, and Usury compound interest can be charged to non-believers in Ahayah and Yasha.

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