Carbon Tax will be cancelled in Ontario

With the election of Doug Ford and the PC’s, it looks like the carbon tax (Cap and trade) will be cancelled.  This is good news as it means the rebuilding of the Temple of Solomon will be delayed, as the one world government is taking a step backwards, especially with Trump also slowing down the false climate theory religion.  See my post on Prayers Answered for more proof on this.


This gives me more time to focus on finishing the YASAT, rather then spending years on battling the false climate theory religion.  Hopefully Trudeau will not be able to push through his climate carbon tax plan federally and the liberals mandate slowly runs out of time. Saskatchewan has also vowed to battle this tax, now with Ontario onside things are looking good!
The second edition of the YASAT is now reaching final proof and should be published very soon.  I will be updating my website links so that people can buy the new scriptures.

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