Carbon 666 Tax thrown out of court, would cost +$1000/yr

The carbon tax has been thrown out of court in San Francisco and Oakland California.

‘All of us benefited’: Judge throws out climate suits against Big Oil

This is good news because it starts setting a legal precident, that you cannot institute a carbon 666 tax through the court system.
On another development, a carbon 666 tax in Saskatchewan would cost more then $1000 a year for the average person

Saskatchewan economy could be hit hard by federal carbon tax: Study

I’m glad our province did not institute a carbon 666 tax.  We all know that in the bible evil will create a one world government, but we don’t have to follow along and make it easy for them.  Ahayah controls the weather, not man and a carbon tax will do nothing to changing the weather.  The amount of carbon on the planet is a constant due to the law of the conservation of mass.

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