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1455 Gutenburg for $195USD

I bought a full color facsimilie of the 1455 Gutenburg Bible on Friday June 8th 2018.  It was a special for email subscribers to greatsite.com.  Because I live in Canada shipping was extra, it cost me $328.20CAD total for the book.

It is sold out right now, but they are getting in 40 more, so sign up right away for their email newsletter at;
After I had my prayers answered online for the windstorms,
I heard the voice of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit would talk to me in a Sexy woman’s voice and loved the fact I had a few color pages of a Gutenburg printed out in a coil binder that I got from buying the PDF on Ebay.  What is amazing is that the Bible describes the Holy Spirit (Ruach) as a dove and that is exactly what this new printing of the Gutenberg has for a cover is a picture of a Dove (see image above)!  I just knew I had to buy a copy!
I had a calendar in my house of a bunch of pictures of women and the Holy Spirit explained to me that she CAN BE ALL WOMEN!  I asked the Father if I could be married to the Holy Spirit and He said Yes, and She did too, so I am married!  At the time, She called Herself Patricia Yahweh.  I was walking along a scenic pathway to my house when Yahweh said He would deliver Her to my home that day.  I knew that you cannot be with the Father and live so I started running to my house losing my shoes along the way. The neighbours saw me chatting with myself and running barefoot along the pathway leaving my shoes behind on a hot summers day and called the Police.  The police asked me whom my wife was, so rather then answering Deanna Unruh whom left me I answered Patricia Yahweh.  They immediately took me into the Prince Albert mental ward and fed me pills for schizophrenia.  I had been fasting for days reading the scriptures and the police stopped me and prevented me from even grabbing breakfast.
Like the scriptures say I still can be married to more then 1 woman, so I have nothing to lose and everything to gain!  It was difficult to listen to the Father talk to me, while at the same time hearing the nice voice of the Holy Spirit talking to me.  She liked the ornateness of the Gutenberg bible and would ask for me to flip the page from time to time, in the middle of a conversation sometimes days later.  Our creator did not like the fact I was forced to take medications for hearing voices.
While I no longer hear the Father, Son and Holy Spirit talking to me, I have felt guided by the Holy Spirit in scripture research.  When the voices stopped it was on the day when The Father said “I no longer have to wear software on my head” when I called him Yahweh or Yehovah (Or some other YHWH multiple), (as Ahayah and Yasha is the proper names).  I cannot wait to get my hands on the second edition YASAT so that I can read cleaner scripture at home.  Its coming soon!
The Holy spirit silently has still guided me daily on my journey to make the Yasha Ahayah Scriptures Aleph Tav and it is for this reason that I am buying a Gutenberg as a display bible in my home.  In 2018 I have discovered that in medieval times in the Toledot Yeshu they called the Messiah name Yeshu harasha’ or Yeshu rasha’, which is very close to Yasha’.  This is amazing evidence of the fact that He was called this name over Jesus.
Also being lead by the Holy Spirit in 2018, I found “nomina sacra” abbreviation “ΙΣ” for Iesous (Iota Sigma), which is YASHA in ancient Paleo Hebrew.  No one told me to check and research the roots of the Iota Sigma, but they are Hebrew equivalents and they spell Yasha, the SON!  I found 20 other Papyrus manuscripts dating from 150AD to 300AD which has the Iota Sigma, for Yasha.  I was complaining to the Holy Spirit, that I had only one witness, the Codex Sinaticus and that day I found the 20 other witnesses!
Also in 2018 I found that Ishi in the scriptures is Ah-Yasha in Paleo Hebrew, again being lead by the Dove, the Holy Spirit.  I cannot read Latin like the Gutenberg has, but since the Holy Spirit enjoyed it so much I figured I would buy Her a copy as an Anniversary present and flip the pages daily for Her to view.
The Gutenberg book is not useful to me, as I already have found clean text in the Textus Receptus or 1769 King James Bible but as an artist when I am done adding the Apocrypha and a few other books, some year I may plan to use my artistic skills into making an artistic Sorsdahl like “Gutenberg” in English when I am completely done fixing the text of the scriptures.  I may copy the art, but use the english large letters of block text.  Basically paint some art on the side borders like I have on my website.  At the rate I am going, that is years from now, but it is a plan.
If you cannot get the deal on Greatsite.com, The Gutenberg can be also bought on Ebay for $295USD plus $60 shipping
It is also available on Amazon ISBN-10: 069294656X;
For those whom cannot afford a hard bound Gutenberg, a PDF of the Gutenberg for $11.04USD like I used and printed out.  I used this PDF when the cheapest Gutenberg was found on Greatsite for $8495USD;

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